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You can STILL WIN the Canadian Magazine Scene’s Biggest Poetry Prize

ad made with (CC) images The Poker Players by fugue and Texas Hold’em? by meddygarnet. Deadline: February 1, 2019. Arc’s annual poetry contest is among the richest in the country, offering $5,000 for the winning poem, a $500 award for the poem selected as Honourable Mention, and a $250 prize for the Readers’ Choice selection. […] Read More

How Soon Is Now?: Spencer Butt’s Slouching the Dream

This is veteran spoken-word performer Spencer Butt’s first trade print collection, documenting several pivotal years in the poet/protagonist’s life. One thing that spoken word is notorious for is being relentlessly transparent about late-youth crisis material, and Butt covers the territory unabashedly: wondering how long one can cling to the friendships and trappings of prolonged adolescence while seeing relationships mature and the body wear down, sailing on the wind of a damaged, dubious optimism. Read More

Arc’s nominations for The Pushcart Prize

Looking back over a year of publishing to choose Arc's Pushcart Prize nominees was not an easy thing. It was more than just ferreting out our few most- favourite pieces from the three issues Arc published in 2018 (Arcs 85, 86 and 87)--more than 400 pages in total. Since Arc already publishes only the best work from emerging and established poets that we have had the privilege to see, we had to ask even more of these six poems by five authors.

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2019 News & Annoucements

2018 News & Annoucements

How Soon Is Now?: Spencer Butt’s Slouching the Dream Arc’s nominations for The Pushcart Prize Arc Poetry Magazine 87: A Celebration of Poetry from the U.S.A. Wilding Land Acknowledgements: Phoebe Wang’s Admission Requirements After All These Years: Laisha Rosnau’s Our Familiar Hunger The Diana Brebner Prize, Confederation Poets Prize & Critics’ Desk Award Winners for 2018 Power to the Period: Rosanna Deerchild, Ariel Gordon, and Tanis MacDonald GUSH: Menstrual Manifestos for Our Times Even If They’re Not What You Would Have Wanted: Ian Williams editor of The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology 2018 Persona Poems for the Outraged: Michael Fraser’s To Greet Yourself Arriving Win the Canadian Magazine Scene’s Biggest Poetry Prize 2018’s Archibald Lampman Award Winner is… Christine McNair! Fragile and Heavy Ho-Hums: Jay Ritchie’s Cheer Up, Jay Ritchie Hierarchies, The Northern Harrier Hawk The Rough Business of Emerging: Allison LaSorda’s Stray A Vessel for Shared Experiences: Baziju’s Box Kite Inside the Blind: On Editing Poetry With the Ears of Wolves Karen Enns’ Cloud Physics Remembering Abe: Kevin Spenst’s Ignite The 2018 Archibald Lampman Award Shortlist Arc Poetry Magazine’s Summer 2018 Issue is our 40th Anniversary Catch Your Breath: Susan Telfer’s Ghost Town Being Here Now: Phillip Crymble’s Not Even Laughter Why You Are My Hiding Place (Leah Horlick) is on Arc’s Shortlist Why How Soon, How Likely, How Severe (Shaun Robinson) is on Arc’s Shortlist

2017 News & Annoucements

Fiddlehead There’s Stuff Between Things: Aisha Sasha John’s I have to live Job Posting: Operations Officer – Arc Poetry Magazine Poets gather in Laureate City to celebrate Canada’s 150! Giving Voice: Gary Geddes’s The Resumption of Play This Year, Win the Canadian Magazine Scene’s Biggest Poetry Prize On the Road Behind: André Narbonne’s You Were Here POTY sidebar November 2017 The Sound Reconciliation Makes: Janet Rogers’ Totem Poles and Railroads Janet Rogers — Confederation 150 Reneltta Arluk — Artist Spotlight “I have been here forever and I will rise again”: Femininity, Race, and Resilience in J?nína Kirton’s An Honest Woman 2018 Ottawa Book Awards – Note to Authors “A Gift No NDN” or Anyone Else “Should Waste”: Leanne Betasamosake Simpson’s This Accident of Being Lost. Madmen and Specialists: George Elliott Clarke’s Canticles I (MMXVI) Arc Poetry Magazine presents the Ottawa Poetry Awards Reading Arc Poetry Magazine 84: “Oh Canada, We Have Issues.” Duty of Care Laid Bare: Shane Neilson’s Dysphoria Poetry in a Disconnected and Imperilled World: Adèle Barclay’s If I Were in a Cage I’d Reach Out for You Snark, Slogans, and Found Text: Kevin Connolly’s Xiphoid Process A Fearsome Spectacle: Kate Sutherland’s How to Draw a Rhinoceros World Happiness Report: Lori Cayer’s Dopamine Blunder Collating glitch – Arc 83 Follow the lanterns to?Arc Poetry Magazine’s 2017 Poem of the Year contest winner 30 After 30 Under 30 Andre Fenton’s “Ode to Teen Angst” reviewed by Rebecca Thomas Great News and New Views at Arc Poetry Magazine Haiku Juju Satori Delight: Mark Frutkin’s Hermit Thrush A 21st Century Guide to the Mind-Body [Problem] of Print: Robert Bringhurst’s Palatino: The Natural History of a Typeface Like Gifts You Never Asked For: Sue MacLeod’s Mood Swing, with Pear
Igloos on Trees: Joe Rosenblatt’s The Bird in the Stillness: Forest Devotionals Measured Pleasures: Alexandra Oliver’s Let the Empire Down cv2 ad sub drive 2017 Approximations on Target: Steven Heighton’s The Waking Comes Late Determiners and Indeterminacy: Andy Weaver’s this Canada’s Parliamentary Poet Laureate sells gold for gold: George Elliott Clarke’s Gold 20 Poems: Clint Burnham’s Pound @ Guantánamo Oathing / Opening: Sandra Ridley’s Silvija VOTING CLOSED on Arc’s Poem of The Year Shortlist! Adrift in Adulthood: Vincent Colistro Late Victorians Books Received in 2016 Walking Through the Darkness: Margo Wheaton’s The Unlit Path Behind the House Arc Poetry Magazine’s Winter 2017 Issue Want to get involved? “Tell I the Truth:” Rachel Rose’s Marry & Burn A Flashing Light in the Darkness: Kim Fu’s How Festive the Ambulance Coteau Banner 2 A Rich Salt Wind: Michael Crummey’s Little Dogs Who’s Afraid of Orpheus and Eurydice?: Christian B?k’s The Xenotext Book 1 The Poetry of the Pillow: Suzanne Buffam’s A Pillow Book Some Monsters are Beautiful: K. I. Press’s Exquisite Monsters A Medium-Size Critique of Short Sentences: Alice Burdick’s Book of Short Sentences Offroading: The Path Taken in Terry Ann Carter’s On the Road to Naropa – My Love Affair with Jack Kerouac You Make Love Like A Horse On the Parthenon: Andy McGuire’s Country Club Poem of the Year contest deadline held over until February 13 Like It Means Anything: Samuel Andreyev’s The Relativistic Empire Grace & Resistance in a Drone’s-Eye View: Nick Thran’s Mayor Snow Event contest web ad A Non-Fall in the Dark: Nicole Brossard’s Ardour Words Lodged in Muscle and Bone: Lee Maracle’s Talking to the Diaspora

2016 News & Annoucements

Twilight from Denmark: Ulrikka S. Gernes’s Frayed Opus for Strings & Wind Instruments Lush 2017 – subTerrain More Lives Than This Plain Desperation: Carolyn Smart’s Careen Less is More: Or, Five Reasons Why You Should Pack Poetry in Your Survival Kit for the End of Days cv2 ad exchange 2017 Rock Blanket After the End of Damian Rogers’s Dear Leader Lyric Catastrophe: How to Write Poetry at the End of the World The Poetics of Biophilia: Basma Kavanagh’s Niche Hanging in the Air like a Heart Balloon: Sheryda Warrener’s Floating is Everything Tenderly Urgent: Kim Trainor’s Karyotype A Memorable Stroll Through David Mcfadden’s Mind: David W. McFadden’s Abnormal Brain Sonnets arc angels Backslash Icarus: Portamento Poetics in Joshua Trotter Mission Creep Room 2016 contest web ad Don’t Look Away: Soraya Peerbaye’s Tell (poems for a girlhood) Arc Poetry Magazine 81: Art in the End Times Palimpset Press Malahat long poem Prize 2016 Pummelling the Enemy Volta: Jeanette Lynes’ Bedlam Cowslip: The John Clare Poems Left Reaching: John Wall Barger’s The Book of Festus I Know The Sound Letting Go Makes: Jeff Steudel’s Foreign Park If You See Something, Say Something: nancy viva davis halifax’s hook Poetry in the Courtroom: Sue Goyette’s The Brief Reincarnation of a Girl Myth Intentions: Earth and Heaven: An Anthology of Myth Poetry, edited by Amanda Jernigan and Evan Jones New Tricks for Old Dogs: Méira Cook’s Monologue Dogs Against Equations: Bruce Meyer’s The Arrow of Time Matt Peake — Things I Want in the Divorce Poems with Backbone: Arc Poetry Magazine’s Poem of the Year Traveling Light: Monica Kidd’s The Year of Our Beautiful Exile THIN AIR WINNIPEG Young Buck CV2 2016 Twinning and Twining: Ali Blythe’s Twoism Maynard How A Poet Must Submission Deadline Extended in light of Malware Attack on the Arc Website Pressures that Refine: Zachariah Wells’ Sum prairie fire 2016 contest web ad Brick’s web ad for 97
QuArc Lesson Plan: Scientific Method Irreducible Truths: Ian Burgha's Midnight Monumental into Personal: Alice Major's Standard candles PRISM Presents… Showing Us the Rings: Elena Johnson's Field Notes for the Alpine Tundra These Currents That Exceed Us: Daniel Renton’s Milk Teeth George Elliott Clarke — An Introduction to the Late Revolution in ‘Haiti’: By Abraham Lincoln (1834) Congratulations, Lesley Fletcher, newly appointed Executive Director of the League of Canadian Poets! Lorca or the Plumber? A Theory of the Artist in Jake Kennedy’s Merz Structure No. 2 Burnt by Children at Play Artfulness & the Secret Story: Melissa Bull’s Rue Alarming Testimony: John Terpstra’s This Orchard Sound John Sibley Williams The Narrative Poetry of Witness: Emily Pohl-Weary’s Ghost Sick VOTE on Arc's Poem of The Year Shortlist! Trust Your Surroundings: Entering the Rooms of Raoul Fernandes’ Transmitter and Receiver Blodwyn Memorial Prize Love Poems: Lorna Crozier’s The Wrong Cat Imagining a Legacy: Elise Partridge's The Exiles’ Gallery Erratum: Arc 79 Crow Watching Whiskey Gap, Alberta POTY 2016 Reader's Choice How difficult could it be to stay here?: Karen Solie’s The Road In Is Not The Same Road Out CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Run, Reader, Run: Peter Norman's The Gun That Starts the Race A Human Miscellany: Jesse Patrick Ferguson’s Mr. Sapiens Maisonneuve subscription campaign Arc Poetry Magazine's Winter 2016 Issue Wringing a Soft Neck: Roxanna Bennett’s The Uncertainty Principle Raw Precision: Eva H.D.’s Rotten Perfect Mouth Poem of the Year Contest Extended Deadline: February 14th, 2016! Their Elephant is Longing for Hindustan: Nilofar Shidmehr’s Between Lives 2016 Wasafiri New Writing Prize Experience as Concept: Shane Book’s Congotronic Capilano Review Small Caps In the lamia city: Steven Artelle’s Metropantheon Real Pictures Are of Nothing: Erín Moure’s Кaпycтa / Kapusta verse fest 2017

2015 News & Annoucements

Suffering and Seduction: Priscila Uppal’s Sabotage To write a black poem: Austin Clarke’s In Your Crib Greater than the sum of our calories: Claire Caldwell’s Invasive Species New Quarterly Occasional Verse Contest A Lavish Spread: Naomi Guttman’s The Banquet of Donny & Ari In/Words Refug(e) Ad Fishing, Small-town Drunks and other poems: Gillian Wigmore’s Orient Hearing with your heart: David Zieroth’s Albrecht Dürer and Me Arc Angels Ad Congratulations to Arc's contributors who appear in The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2015! Two-Handers: Don Coles’ A Serious Call 2015's Poem of the Year Contest is Full of Surprises! No Small Job: Robyn Sarah's Pause for Breath A different way of being: Rita Bouvier’s nakamowin’sa for the seasons Arc Poetry Magazine's Spoken Word Issue Everything lifted up in time: Jeff Latosik’s Safely Home Pacific Western bill bissett – rush: what fuckan theory, a study uv language Ian Keteku — My Job Zaccheus Jackson — City of Fingers The Deadpan Centre Continues: Liz Howard’s Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent Best Seen from the Knees: Patrick Lane’s Washita The Search for Wonder: A. F. Moritz’s Sequence I am not a storyteller/though I do keep a lot in my heart: Jalal Barzanji's Trying Again to Stop Time. Wild Witness: Patrick Friesen’s A Short History of Crazy Bone Penn Kemp — Xtra Text/ure Aaron Simm — Mickey Mouse Sebastien Wen — Scavengers Time Falls on its Knees: Deanna Young’s House Dreams Arc 77 – Canada's Simple Alternatives Poetry Magazine Building a Foundation within the Trimmings: Cassidy McFadzean’s Hacker Packer Arc Poetry Magazine announces Lampman Award finalists Necessarily Unnatural: Jamie Sharpe’s Cut-Up Apologetic The Ego Has Landed: C.R. Avery’s Some Birds Walk For The Hell Of It Janet Rogers – Human Dynamic Activity Ian Ferrier – O My Sisters Kaie Kellough – RAIL Robert Priest – Working Your O’s RC Weslowski – If Language is a Virus Moe Clark – namoya Mary Pinkoski – Four Leaf Clover
Already Passing Through: Roland Prevost’s Singular Plurals Fracked-Up Settler Poetry: Janey’s Arcadia by Rachel Zolf A Different Realm: Entering Kerry-Lee Powell’s Inheritance 2015 Diana Brebner Prize: winner and runner-up announced Biography in Verse: George Elliott Clarke’s Traverse Take It, and Go On: Matthew Zapruder’s Sun Bear Read the Poem of the Year in Arc 77! Between-Space, Beforehand and Unseparated: Ken Babstock’s On Malice A Beautiful and Understated Object: Jan Zwicky's Vittoria Colonna: Selections from the Rime Spirituali Still Life, Sotto Voce: Karen Enns’ Ordinary Hours Two Muses: Susan Paddon’s Two Tragedies in 429 Breaths Magnifying Language: Dennis Cooley’s abecedarium The Elizabeth Bishop House Seeing Clearly, Looking Deeply: Len Gasparini’s Mirror Image A living thing, with ghosts: Shoshanna Wingate’s Radio Weather Detonation from Contrast: Ella Zelterserman’s Small things left behind From Out-And-Out Hilarious to Dry, Wry, and Simply Playful: Why Poetry Sucks: An Anthology of Humorous Experimental Canadian Poetry Striving and Sprawling: Garth Martens’ Prologue to the Age of Consequence A Difficult Fluency: What Kayla Czaga Can’t Tell Us in For Your Safety Please Hold On Memories and Much More: Andrea MacPherson’s Ellipses Breathing and Noticing: Brian Bartlett’s Ringing Here and There Apocalypse Happens: An iteration of the end in Sarah Lang’s For Tamara Readers' Choice 2015 VOTE CLOSED From the Emptying Fullness: Jane Munro’s Blue Sonoma Blood’s Integrity: Tom Wayman’s Winter’s Skin Arc 76: Canada's Squirming Creature Poetry Magazine Our Grief Transformed: Sina Queyras’ MxT Diana Brebner Prize Chapbook Reviews Column A Story is a Legacy: Elizabeth Greene’s Understories Arc's Poem-of-the-Year contest is now closed Walking the Line: Wanda Praamsma’s a thin line between Down the Rabbit Hole: Erina Harris’s The Stag Head Spoke Found Inspiration: Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang’s Status Update A Grab Bag of Fab Frags: Stephen Brockwell’s Complete Surprising Fragments of Improbable Books Footer Ad 1 Geist Postcard Contest Great Piles of Life: Stephen Collis and Jordan Scott’s Decomp No Easy Answers: Catherine Graham's Her Red Hair Rises with the Wings of Insects

2014 News & Annoucements

The Limits of Energy: Richard Norman’s Zero Kelvin Aurelia by John Hawke Getting Anne Back by Jennifer Maiden Kissing ghosts by Samuel Wagan Watson Circling the Bulb: Anne-Marie Turza’s The Quiet The Emperor of Kennings: Peter Richardson’s Bit Parts for Fools metal against metal by Claire Gaskin A line from Colin McCahon by Mark Young An Introduction to a New Game by Peter Boyle Unraveling Her Riddles: Joanna Lilley’s The Fleece Era Sentient by Amanda Stewart Arc hits 4000 submissions per year Great Torc by Tracy Ryan Questioning Your Masculinity by Rachael Briggs Addressing the Sea: Niki Koulouris’s The Sea with no one in it Hobart Time by Jan Owen descent by Susan Hawthorne dreams & fancies by Jessica Wilkinson Oh, Humanity: JonArno Lawson’s Enjoy it While it Hurts Falling for Glenn Gould by Dominique Hecq Legoland by Nathan Curnow Arc's Distributing Presents! gummy by Joanne Burns The deepest of loves: Jude Neale’s A Quiet Coming of Light Snow by Eileen Chong The Arc-Cordite Poetry Special Issue (iv) by Dan Disney The Arc-Cordite Poetry Special Issue shadow apple south by Paul Hardacre Book of Flames: Australian Love Poems 2013 Dangled Bait: Tim Bowling’s Circa Nineteen Hundred and Grief Close to Spirit: E. D. Blodgett’s as if Arc Poetry Magazine/Tree Reading Series offer poetry master-class workshops. Ottawa Book Awards 2015 – Note to Authors The Ghost Resurrected (Despite Some Fumbling): Charlotte Rampling Reads Sylvia Plath to the music of Benjamin Britten Fake Tornadoes: Adrienne Weiss’ There Are No Solid Gold Dancers Anymore An Act of Prestidigitation: Ricardo Sternberg’s Some Dance Arc's Distributing Presents! Tending Wounds: Fionncara MacEoin’s Not the First Thing I’ve Missed Arc presents Ottawa Poetry Awards Reading at Pressed
Hard Looking: Richard Greene's Dante's House Wrestling with Location: Laurie D. Graham’s Rove Calling Through the Cold: Allan Cooper and Harry Thurston’s The Deer Yard Who Can Resist?: bpNichol’s Organ Music His Time, His Place: The Essential Tom Marshall selected by David Helwig and Michael Ondaatje Rich Biodiversity in a Parallel Universe: Don Domanski's Bite Down Little Whisper Corresponding with Loss: Memory and mourning in Anne Michaels’ Correspondences The Changed Meaning of Love: John Barton's For the Boy with the Eyes of the Virgin Far from Mystery: Barry Dempster's Invisible Dogs Navigating Shifting Currents: Tanis Rideout’s Arguments with the Lake A Vision to Rebuild: Maleea Acker’s Air-Proof Green Tongue Luck: Jeffery Donaldson’s Slack Action Laughing Towards Apocalypse: Al Rempel’s This Isn’t the Apocalypse We Hoped For Heartfelt and Urgent: Pamela Porter’s Late Moon I Love an Old Story: Joanne Arnott’s A Night for the Lady Spin the Bottle by Gaslight: Robin Richardson’s Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis Job Posting: Coordinating Editor, Arc Poetry Magazine My Shard-Studded Clubfeet Blaze Me Astray: Marc Di Saverio’s Sanatorium Songs Picking Up the Pieces: Ann Shin’s The Family China National Poetry Month: Marilyn Dumont – "the land she came from" How Could You Not Like Me?: Elizabeth Bachinsky’s The Hottest Summer in Recorded History National Poetry Month: Sebastien Wen "Welcome to the Cosmos" Polls closed for POTY Reader's Choice The Dancing Body: Juleta Severson-Baker’s Incarnate Sundry Labours and Rose Windows: Amanda Jernigan’s All the Daylight Hours Necessary Voices: Kanina Dawson’s Masham Means Evening Poem of the Year update An Emerging Connoisseur: Daniel Karasik’s Hungry Weight, Rise and Riffle: Jordan Abel’s Exuberant Excisions in The Place of Scraps Slow Down and Listen: Lola Lemire Tostevin’s Singed Wings here is cinema/here is cinema*: Stephen Scobie’s At the limit of breath: Poems on the films of Jean-Luc Godard Flux and Circadian Renewal: Carmelita McGrath’s Escape Velocity Historical and Personal: Vancy Kasper’s Rebel Women Addictive: Katerina Fretwell’s Class Acts Room Canadian Gothic Call Malahat Novella Prize 2016 The Long Game: David O’Meara’s A Pretty Sight Dazzling Irrelevance: Jay MillAr’s Timely Irreverence Could you be Arc's next Poet-In-Residence? A World Clad in Brutality: Rachel Lebowitz’s Cottonopolis

2013 News & Annoucements

In Constant Fall: Morten S?ndergaard’s A Step in the Right Direction Entirely Askew: Jamie Sharpe’s Animal Husbandry Today “I spoke to you in yarns”: Emily McGiffin’s Between Dusk and Night Sexual Wilderness: Sarah de Leeuw’s Geographies of a Lover Diana Brebner Prize Archibald Lampman Award – previous winners You Will Find Hunger: Clea Roberts’s Here is Where We Disembark The Poetry of Revolution: Stephen Collis’s To the Barricades Visual Art in Arc’s North Issue: Maria Hupfield Where will we end up?!: Jacqueline Turner’s The Ends of the Earth Oral Poetry: "Elizabeth's Song" by Makkus Penashue Boiling Joy: Jason Heroux’s Natural Capital Critic’s Desk Award 2013 Winners! Strange Terrains: Mari-Lou Rowley’s Unus Mundus Filling in the Gaps: Laurie Kruk’s My Mother Did Not Tell Stories There is no Spring without Baseball: Dwayne Brenna’s Stealing Home Blood Was Beating: Ludwig Zeller’s The Rules of the Game The Journey Itself: Adeena Karasick’s This Poem Variety and Longevity: George Seferis’s Collected Poems From Coping to Community: Amber Dawn’s How Poetry Saved My Life Hard Fought: David Groulx’s A Difficult Beauty A Risky Affair: Brad Cran’s Ink on Paper Intimate-driven, Chaotic, Incarcerating: Christine McNair’s Conflict From Strength to Strength: Mark Callanan & James Langer’s The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Poetry Risk: rob mclennan’s Songs for little sleep In Constant Flux: David Seymour’s For Display Purposes Only In a Deep Place: Jenna Butler’s Wells Polished, Varied, and Often Anxious: Stewart Cole’s Questions in Bed Wherever She Chooses to Sail: Eleonore Sch?nmaier’s Wavelengths of Your Song Another Battle in Service of the War: Donato Mancini’s You Must Work Harder to Write the Poetry of Excellence Mood and Metaphor: Steven Price’s Omens in the Year of the Ox lost & found (unmade poems) Wing It: John Wing’s Almost Somewhere Else Worlds Within Words: Susan Steudel’s New Theatre With Eyes Open: Nancy Holmes’s The Flicker Tree: Okanagan Poems Arc 71: The Big Reveal Brick Dust in my Wine: Chris Hutchinson’s A Brief History of the Short-Lived Arc is Canadian Poetry; Arc is Online! Dividing Times: Allan Safarik’s Famous Roadkill
To Know Differently: Maureen Scott Harris’ Slow Curve Out Dust Maps: Brenda Schmidt’s Grid Tough Times, Tough Voice: Tom Wayman’s Dirty Snow More Books for Your Buck Reuse and Recycle: Finding Poetry in Canada: the full essay from Arc 70 Leah Hervoly’s “Red Truck” The Finest in Fan Poetry: Walschots' DOOM: Love Poems for Supervillains A Generous Book with an Unfriendly Face: Erín Moure’s The Unmemntioable Julie Paul's "Spring" The Truth in Mimicry: Asa Boxer's Skullduggery An Old Tale Well Told: C.R. Avery's 38 Bar Blues The Best Canadian Poetry 2012: Congratulations to Arc's authors! Gregory Betts's "april is the cruellest month" If National Poetry Month was April's umbrella Plucking a Stray Breeze: Stuart Ross’s You Exist. Details Follow. Poem of the Year: Readers' Choice The wind between worlds: Katherine Bitney’s Firewalk Submission Guide From the Eye to the Alphabet: Victor Coleman’s ivH: An Alphamath Serial The World, Our Current Arrangement: Matthew Tierney’s Probably Inevitable Arc 71 Another Link in the Chain: Walid Bitar’s Divide and Rule Excerpt from Arc 70: Reuse and Recycle: Finding Poetry in Canada Not all is on fire: Patrick Woodcock’s Echo Gods and Silent Mountains It’s official: Poetry-in-a-box coming to schools across Canada Worlds at the Brink: Jan Conn’s Edge Effects A place dark enough to see: Susan Gillis’ The Rapids Archibald Lampman Award Accomplished Poems for the Senses: Dina E. Cox’s small flames Arc Poetry Annual 2013: The North The Alchemist in the Engineer: Linda Besner’s The Id Kid Buy Two Canadian Magazine Subscriptions, Get One Free! In the Footsteps of Marco Polo: Lisa Pasold’s Any Bright Horse The Anxiety of Failure: Jenny Sampirisi’s Croak Arc – putting poetry in classrooms Arc 69: Canada's Childlike, Wildlike Poetry Magazine Arc 70: Canada's Cracking, Shearing Poetry Magazine A wide canvas: Weyman Chan's Chinese Blue Arc 70

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