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Comments by Doyali Islam

Su Croll’s “side track” is a spare and ominous poem, “packed [as] tightly” with ordinary horror as it is with bold imagery. Enjambed lines give this piece harrowing forward momentum—a kind of “explosive[ness]” that remained with me after reading. A phrase that followed me, dog-like, was “hot animal potential.”?

side track

imagine a dementia dog pack? ? ?imagine
the threat of such explosive animal proximity

the dogs are like a movie jumping back
cutting back to the beginning and dogs

dogs are coming again? ? ?the jerky wooden
roller coaster motion of them? ? ?repeating

the dogs going at it? ? ?the dog pack
as a single entity so tightly packed

it becomes a coil of hot animal potential
repeating and compulsive and endless

on the inside of demented heads? ? ?the side
tracked heads of the distracted

old held in the grasp
the gasp of these dogs? ? ?memories

gone? ? ?minds gone to the dogs


“side track” is from Someday, a manuscript about Su Croll’s father’s death. Su has published two poetry collections,?Worlda Mirth?and?Blood Mother, and has completed a novel called Image Hungry.

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