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The winter 2016 issue of Arc Poetry Magazine lightens the darkest season with Canada’s brightest poets.

Marilyn Dumont wraps up her tenure as Arc‘s Poet-In-Residence?alongside a suite of “split sonnets and parallels” by Doyali Islam. To close the distance, this issue also features an interview with?Robyn Sarah, Arc‘s?2015-2016 Poet-In-Residence.
Antonio D’Alfonso continues Arc‘s?feature of poetry in translation, and Matt Rader takes a look through a box of chapbooks.?Rachel Lebowitz interweaves poetry and history in her lyric essay.
Also find light in:

  • Shane Neilson’s uncovering of the metaphor in Jeffery Donaldson’s “Slack Action”;
  • reviews of debut collections from Lesley Battler, Aaron Tucker, and Ben Ladouceur;
  • paintings and collage from Gunter Nolte scholarship-winning visual artist Laura Demers.

Brighten up your winter with Arc 79, available at local newsstands or with a subscription!

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