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The Read-ers’ Choice Shortlist, 2013minipdf


The Read-ers’ Choice Award gives all of Arc read-ers and web- vis-it-ors the oppor-tun-ity to read through the?poems?short-l-is-ted for this year’s Poem of the Year contest, and vote for their favour-ites! Voting starts on March 21st and closes April 15th. The author of the win-ning poem will be awar-ded a sum of $250.

The Readers’ Choice Award does not affect the process of selecting the Poem of the Year. ?Note that this is a blind com-pet-i-tion and that poets will remain anonym-ous to all judges until the con-test res-ults are decided.


How to Vote:


The Read-ers’ Choice Shortlist, 2013minipdf

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